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Austin Zen Center was founded to carry on the teaching of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi in the Soto Zen tradition. Suzuki Roshi's teaching is characterized by its patient and compassionate approach to practice. When the mind of zazen is lovingly extended to everyday life, our awareness of each moment increases and deep wisdom and compassion are born.

The practice of zazen is available to people of every race, religion, nationality, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability.

May All Beings Realize Their True Nature.

Upcoming Events

Departing Ceremony & Dharma Talk by Rev. Koji Dreher

Departing Ceremony & Dharma Talk by Rev. Koji Dreher

Saturday, November 17th, 2018
Rev. Koji Dreher departs for California mid-November It is with much gratitude, sadness, and well-wishing ... Read More
Head Teacher Installation Ceremony & Reception

Head Teacher Installation Ceremony & Reception

Community Meeting on Nov 17 at 1pm; Installation Ceremony on Dec. 9 at 10am
Save the dates! December 9th at 10am Visiting Senior Dharma Teacher Ryushin Paul Haller ... Read More
Buddha's Enlightenment Ceremony

Buddha’s Enlightenment Ceremony

Come celebrate Buddha's Enlightenment with those of us who will be emerging from 7+ days ... Read More
Town Hall Community Meeting

Town Hall Community Meeting

Saturday, November 17th from 1-2pm
Join us for a Community Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, November 17th at 1pm with ... Read More
Next Step: Meditation & Beyond Class

Next Step: Meditation & Beyond Class

Thursday, November 15th at 6:45-8:15pm
Next Step: Meditation & Beyond is a 1½ hour class for those who have attended ... Read More
Bodhisattva Full Moon Ceremony

Bodhisattva Full Moon Ceremony

Wednesday November 21st, 6:45pm - 7:15pm
Every month on the Wednesday evening closest to the full moon, the Austin Zen Center ... Read More
Rohatsu Sesshin - Buddha's Enlightenment Retreat with Ryushin Paul Haller

Rohatsu Sesshin – Buddha’s Enlightenment Retreat with Ryushin Paul Haller

Friday, Nov.30 - Saturday, Dec. 8th
Rohatsu Sesshin at AZC with Visiting Teacher Ryushin Paul Haller, Senior Dharma Teacher at SFZC ... Read More

AZC News

Announcing the new AZC Ino – Head of the Meditation Hall

Welcoming AZC Sangha Member & Resident Bruce Smith as Ino - Head of the Meditation Hall What is an "Ino"? In Soto Zen: An Ino provides practitioners with the container ... Read More

Seeking WordPress Help for AZC’s Website

We are looking for tech-savvy folks who may be willing to help us with our WordPress-based Website. Please contact Mako if interested ... Read More

Introducing the AZC Elder’s Advisory Council

In March of 2018 the AZC Board amended the by-laws to include the formation of an Elder's Advisory Council to help serve the needs of our temple and community. This ... Read More

Learn about Oryoki

Oryoki (roughly meaning "just enough") is a formal way of serving and eating meals in Zen monasteries. Literally a "vessel" (ki 器) that contains an "appropriate amount" (ōryō 應量) of food ... Read More

Austin Zen Center T-Shirt: Order Here!

We are now taking orders for the recent AZC T-Shirt! Available in Black or White/Off-White, in Unisex (Crew) or Women's cut (V-neck), and in sizes ranging from XS -XL. Front ... Read More

Join the AZC Member Directory

All are welcome to join our fledgling Member Directory to help facilitate intra-sangha communication and collaboration. This is an opt-in situation, where you select what information to share in the ... Read More

Dharma Talk Library

Most Recent Dharma Talk

"Is That So?"

by Tim Kroll
October 6th, 2018

Listen Now! Tim Kroll

Community Spotlight

Q: Why do you practice at AZC?

  • Ivey Lian

    Ivey Lian

    Member Since: 2012

    I am a member because AZC is my home.

  • David Adelman

    David Adelman

    Member Since: 2009

    I support AZC because of the open-heartedness + compassion of the community!

  • Jeanne Dake

    Jeanne Dake

    Member Since: 2014

    Love + Sangha ... Joy, Peace Today!

  • Charles Ball

    Charles Ball

    Member Since: 2008

    It's the people!

  • Mako Voelkel

    Mako Voelkel

    Member Since: 2014

    To support all beings without exception, to awaken to their true nature of boundless love and unsurpassed wisdom

  • Anne Handley

    Anne Handley

    Member Since: 2010

    To meditate with you here, now.

  • Jack Hohengarten

    Jack Hohengarten

    Member Since: 2008


  • Pat Yingst

    Pat Yingst

    Member Since: 2009

    I love this practice! I love these people!

  • Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson

    Member Since: 2010

    Being accepted.

  • Melanie Gulick

    Melanie Gulick

    Member Since: 2010

    I am a member to experiment and learn together as a community. To be more compassionate, loving, & kind. And to awaken!

  • Bruce Smith

    Bruce Smith

    Member Since: 2012

    Because in a sense, we are all refugees.

  • Lysa Allen

    Lysa Allen

    Member Since: 2016

    Feels like home.

  • Ernest Caple

    Ernest Caple

    Member Since: 2013

    Perfect smiles.

  • Catherine van Zanten

    Catherine van Zanten

    Member Since: 2010

    I have found my spiritual home.

  • Kim Mosley

    Kim Mosley

    Member Since: 2008

    Something inside me drives to AZC.

  • Barbara Noblin

    Barbara Noblin

    Member Since: 2013

    This sangha is home.

  • Jonathen Riley

    Jonathen Riley

    Member Since: 2016

    Enlightenment through work.

  • Kathy Goodwin

    Kathy Goodwin

    Member Since: 2014

    We all need the sangha!

  • Eric Locker

    Eric Locker

    Member Since: 2014

    Love + sangha.

  • Chris Azbill

    Chris Azbill

    Member Since: 2016

    Austin Zen Center is my home.

  • Richard Graf

    Richard Graf

    Member Since: 2014

    For world peace.

  • Tracy Cramer

    Tracy Cramer

    Member Since: 2017

    I'm here because I can't do this without you!

  • Jeremy Shoemaker

    Jeremy Shoemaker

    Member Since: 2013

    No matter where you go ... There you are!

  • Jōshin Shaevel

    Jōshin Shaevel

    Member Since: 2012