AZC Online Zendo Forms & Etiquette

AZC Online Zendo Forms & Etiquette:

Please help facilitate a calm and settled space for everyone to enjoy our silent illumination together. To this end we offer the following guidelines:

1. Familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform *before* entering the online zendo to minimize distractions for those already sitting.

2. A few controls within the Zoom App to adjust when you enter the online zendo:

a. Mute Your Audio: Make sure your microphone remains muted. The microphone (or phone) icon is located in the lower left corner of the Zoom screen, and should have a red slash through it.

b. Adjust Your Video: You may adjust your video presence in the online zendo by toggling the Start/Stop Video (bottom left) and/or selecting Enter Full Screen Click (top right).

c. Other useful controls:

     Chat: connects participants with each other by text chat.

     Participants: allows participants to see who else is in the online zendo.

    *Note*: Please do NOT click the Share Screen button.

3. Minimize visual distractions (when your video is on)

a.   Face your camera away from any direct light sources, including candles.
Avoid having any personal clutter visible on-screen, especially visually stimulating text or pictures. If at a desk, consider draping a cloth over any papers.

b.  Try sitting in profile, facing away from the computer screen.  This reduces distractions caused by any movements of other sangha members, and mirrors our formal practice of facing the wall during zazen.

c.   Participants are also welcome to sit off-camera if they prefer.

4. Minimize audible distractions:

a. Check that your microphone is muted upon entering the zendo.

b. Please try to enter the online zendo *before* the scheduled start time.

c. Stay muted until the end of zazen and after the brief metta chant.

5. Continue to pay attention to AZC’s regular zendo forms, which include bowing to and from your seat before and after sitting (there is no need to bow to and from your seat if you remain in the online zendo during kinhin).

6. The doan will begin and end each period with the usual bells, and will use clackers to signal the beginning and end of kinhin. The second period of the morning will end with one bell, followed by the Robe Chant:

Dāi sāi ge dā puku
mu sō fuku dēn e
hi bu nyo rāi kyō
kō do sho shu jō (2x)

Great robe of liberation,
Field far beyond form and emptiness;
Wearing the Tathagata’s teaching,
Saving all beings

7. After formal zazen we will have a brief Metta chant – please stay muted to avoid asynchronous distortion. After a short 10-second pause we will chant together for Metta (Loving Kindness):

May I be filled with Loving Kindness.
May I be well.
May I be peaceful and at ease.
May I be happy.

May you be filled with Loving Kindness.
May you be well.
May you be peaceful and at ease.
May you be happy.

May we be filled with Loving Kindness.
May we be well.
May we be peaceful and at ease.
May we be happy.

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