The Austin Zen Center is a community of people exploring how to apply the Buddha’s teachings in their daily lives. As a member-supported organization, it exists due to the generous gifts of time, skills, and money offered by dedicated supporters. The main benefit of donating to the Austin Zen Center or becoming a pledging member is knowing that your contribution helps to maintain a much-loved practice space and community of Zen practitioners.

Donations and Membership pledges are what allow AZC to have a resident teacher, to host frequent visiting teachers, to offer multiple zazen periods a day, to provide weekly public Dharma Talks (each one available online), frequent retreats, workshops, classes, sangha work days, and to generally support the day-to-day operational and utility expenses of the temple. 

If you have any questions about donating to AZC, becoming a member, or volunteer opportunities, please contact the AZC Administrator, Maida Barbour, using the information provided below. Your support will enable Zen Center to continue offering a full schedule of activities. Support the Austin Zen Center with your donation or membership pledge today!



Email, or leave a message on our Contact Us page.