AZC Membership

The Austin Zen Center is a community of people exploring how to apply the Buddha’s teachings in their daily lives. As a member-supported organization, it exists due to the generous gifts of time, skills, and money offered by dedicated supporters. Becoming a member at AZC is one way of expressing your deepest intentions and aligning yourself with our efforts to share the Dharma with all who walk through our doors.

The most valuable benefit of membership is the act of giving to and supporting something wholesome in this world. Other benefits include being able to have private interviews with the teachers, borrow from our extensive library, voting at our annual meetings and receiving discounted rates for retreats, workshops and classes. All pledges received are deeply appreciated! Support from people like you enables the Austin Zen Center to offer a full schedule of practice activities. May we all experience the beauty of giver, receiver, and gift.

Whether your financial situation permits greater or lesser giving, we encourage you to pledge at the level that is appropriate for you.