Join the AZC Online Zendo

Welcome to AZC’s Online Zendo portal!

Please read our general guidelines for forms & etiquette. To enter the Online Zendo for a particular block of time, click on the highlighted program Day-of-the-Week below. You will need to download the Zoom App to participate. 

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AZC Online Zendo – Meditation Schedule  

Morning Program: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

6:00am           Zazen
6:35am           Kinhin
6:45am           Zazen
7:20am           Robe Chant, Brief Metta Chant
7:25am           Circle of Bows/Announcements

Midday (Noon Sit): Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

12:00pm          Informal Zazen
12:30pm          Short Break
12:35pm          Informal Zazen
1:00pm            Midday program ends

Evening Program: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

5:40pm           Zazen
6:15pm           Brief Metta Chant
6:20pm           Circle of Bows/Announcements

  * NOTE: The Tuesday Eve Zen Writing Group Group meets from 7-8:15 HERE

   * Wednesday Well-Being Ceremony instead of  the Metta Chant

   * The Thursday Eve Dharma Discussion Group meets from 7-8:15 HERE.

Saturday Morning Program

8:00am           Zazen -Kinhin – Zazen (Informal)
9:05am           Break
9:15am            Zazen (Formal)
9:50am           Circle of Bows/Announcements
10:00am         Dharma Talk
10:45am         Announcements/Virtual Tea & Cookies
12:00am         End Saturday Morning Program 

Note for Doans & Kokyos: You will enter the online zendo as any participant would, but remember to unmute yourself for bells, clacks, and chants.

Doan: for Zazen: 3 small bells to begin all periods of zazen. To end: 2 small bells if kinhin follows, or 1 small bell after the last period of zazen. For Kinhin – 1 clack to start, 1 to end. For Dharma Talk – STOP(◼), as speaker puts hands in gassho to begin and to end (for before & after lecture chant).

Links to Recordings (for doans to download and play at appropriate times):


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