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Please read our general guidelines for forms & etiquette. To enter the Online Zendo for a particular block of time, click on the highlighted program Day-of-the-Week below.

*NOTE*: We are back in-person, but continue to host online for all zazen periods and the Saturday morning program. If no one is logged in by the opening 3 bells, the online space will be closed.

We appreciate your ongoing support!

AZC Zendo – Meditation Schedule 

Morning Program: Tuesday – Friday

6:00am           Zazen
6:35am           Kinhin
6:45am           Zazen
7:20am           Service  [Print the chants for service]
7:35am           Announcements/Soji

Midday (Noon Sit): Tuesday – Friday 

12:00pm          Informal Zazen
12:30pm          Short Break
12:35pm          Informal Zazen
1:00pm            Midday program ends

Evening Program: Tuesday – Thursday 

5:40pm           Zazen
6:15pm           Service  [Print the chants for service]
6:25pm           Announcements

Saturday Morning Program 

8:00am          Beginners’ Meditation Instruction (Now in-person at AZC)
9:05am          Han begins for formal zazen
9:15am          Zazen (Formal)
9:50am          Service
10:15am        Dharma Talk
11:00am        Announcements/Tea and Cookies
12:00pm        End of Saturday Morning Program

Regular ONLINE Group Meetings at AZC:


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Frequent ONLINE ZENDO Chants:

Robe Chant: (chant after zazen before morning service)

Dāi sāi ge dā puku
mu sō fuku dēn e
hi bu nyo rāi kyō
kō do sho shu jō (2x)

Great robe of liberation,
Field far beyond form and emptiness;
Wearing the Tathagata’s teaching,
Saving all beings

Hymn to the Perfection of Wisdom (Saturday Program):

Homage to the Perfection of Wisdom, the lovely, the holy. The Perfection of Wisdom gives light. Unstained, the entire world cannot stain her. She is a source of light and from everyone in the triple world she removes darkness. Most excellent are her works. She brings light so that all fear and distress may be forsaken, and disperses the gloom and darkness of delusion. She herself is an organ of vision. She has a clear knowledge of the own-being of all dharmas, for she does not stray away from it. The Perfection of Wisdom of the buddhas sets in motion the wheel of dharma.

Ēnmēi Jūkku Kānnōn Gyō [7 Xs]: (Well-being ceremony on Wednesday eve)

Kan ze on
na mu butsu
yo butsu u in
yo butsu u en
bup po so en
jo raku ga jo
cho nen kan ze on
bo nen kan ze on
nen nen ju shin ki
nen nen fu ri shin

Note for ONLINE Doans & Kokyos: You will enter the online zendo as any participant would, but remember to unmute yourself for bells, clacks, and chants.

Doan: for Zazen: 3 small bells to begin all periods of zazen. To end: 2 small bells if kinhin follows, or 1 small bell after the last period of zazen. For Kinhin – 1 clack to start, 1 to end. For Dharma Talk – STOP(◼), as speaker puts hands in gassho to begin and to end (for before & after lecture chant).

Links to Recordings (for doans to download and play at appropriate times):

Here is a link which points to the chant texts for the AM service:   You can copy this and paste it into the chat during the second zazen period.