Each member of the Board commits to serve the Austin Zen Center and its community, and endeavors to carry out AZC’s mission to the best of his or her ability. The Board has the responsibility and authority for directing AZC in support of its mission and in accord with ethical and fiduciary responsibilities consistent with AZC’s Soto Zen tradition.

In support of the operational integrity of the board and transparency within the organization consistent with its duties:

The Board as a whole is required to vote on any board action. No Board-level action can be dictated or directed by the chair or other member without a Board vote.

All board level actions will be proposed and provided to the entire board in advance of a board vote on those actions. No significant board action (e.g., related to personnel actions of individuals hired or to be hired by the Board) may be made without a relevant written “issue and proposed action document” being shared with the Board four days in advance of a board vote on that action.

All board decisions and votes will be documented, reviewed, edited if necessary, finally approved by the board and posted for member access within two weeks of the board meeting at which those votes are taken.