Eligibility for nomination, election and Board membership is typically limited to AZC members.

The election process starts when there is a board vacancy or in advance of Board member terms ending on the regular Board election cycle. The Executive Committee is responsible for insuring the Board and membership are aware of a vacancy, and for publishing a notification to the membership to elicit interest in serving. The Executive Committee may also identify and share with the Board names of members it feels would contribute to the work of the Board. After Board approval (this may be done via slack voting), the Executive Committee may then reach out to those members to ask them to consider serving.

Things the Executive Committee might talk with interested persons about might include: how those persons might support the Board’s work and the Sangha, an estimate of time and service commitments related to Board membership, any other Board member expectations, the information needed for a nomination (e.g., name, contact number, brief bio), and the deadline for nomination.

The Executive Committee ensures that interested individuals are willing to serve and brings to the Board at a Board meeting the names of those interested in serving and its recommendation of members to serve on the Board. The Board votes on a recommended slate of nominees.

The slate of nominees for term-ended Board positions is brought to the annual meeting. The Board Chair describes the nomination and election process, and introduces nominees who each present a short introduction of themselves. A paper vote is taken yes or no on each nominee. Nominees with more yes than no votes are elected. If a nominee does is not elected, the nominating and election process begins again for the position to be filled.