Sangha Gathering – Online

Saturday, January 22nd at 10:00 - 11:30 am

Join us during our regularly scheduled dharma talk time for a sangha gathering in the Online Zendo

The board and practice leadership have been working out ideas about sustainable frameworks for the programs and administrative support of Inconceivable Joy Temple. This is the first of a planned series of meetings for the sangha to come together, share your wisdom, and to listen and speak from our own heart of practice about the temple we cherish and share. For more information, read the recent UPDATE from our Board of Directors.

Join our ONLINE ZENDO to attend this Sangha Gathering, and any part of our Saturday Morning Program (details below)

Austin Zen Center invites you to the Saturday Morning Program in the Online Zendo

Time: Saturdays from 9-12 AM CST   (repeats weekly on Saturdays)


8:00 – 8:30 am      Informal Zazen 

8:30 – 8:40 am      Kinhin

8:40 – 9:05 am       Informal Zazen

9:05 – 9:15 am       Han for Zazen

9:15 – 9:50 am        Zazen

9:50 – 10:00 am      Hymn to the Perfection of Wisdom chant

10:00 – 11:30 am    Sangha Gathering  (or Dharma Talk & Discussion (see before & after lecture chants))

11:30 am                Announcements/Breakout Rooms for informal conversation

Please read about AZC Online Zendo Etiquette HERE.