“In Reality, Mistakes are Called Learning” A Dharma Talk by Sarah Dōjin Emerson

Saturday, September 25 at 10:00 - 11:30 am

  • Teacher Sarah Dōjin Emerson
  • Date/Time  Saturday, September 25 at 10am
  • Location  AZC Online Zendo
  • Fee  By donation
Sarah Dōjin Emerson (she/her) is co-Head Priest at Stone Creek Zen Center in Graton, CA. She trained and lived at different sites of the San Francisco Zen Center from 1996-2007. She received Dharma Transmission from Abbott Konjin Gaelyn Godwin of the Houston Zen Center in 2015. She has a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. She experiences Bodhisattva Zen practice as uniquely supportive to inquiring into, challenging, and transforming systems of oppression, particularly racial inequities and the harm they cause within convert Buddhist sanghas and in U.S. society generally. Sarah has also worked for many years in grief support- specializing in child loss. She lives with her partner, Charlie Pokorny (who is also a Soto Zen Buddhist priest), their children (who are her most profound and constant teachers) and numerous pets in Sonoma County, CA.
Dogen Zenji says, We should understand that, in reality, mistakes are called learning…” How do we take accountability for mistakes, especially the pain we unintentionally but inevitably cause one another in sangha?  How does the Dharma support us to engage skillfully and transformationally around this?  And how do we work together to create communities of true refuge and belonging?

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