Departing Ceremony for Tim Kroll (and Sangha Breakfast)

Friday, July 30th @ 7:30am

Join us in this brief, traditional ceremony that marks the departure of a resident practitioner from a training temple. Tim will be departing to drive to Tassajara Zen Mountain Center shortly after this ceremony. After morning chanting service we will offer bows as he passes us in a circumambulation of the zendo and hear words from Head Teacher Doshin Mako Voelkel as he leaves to follow his path of Zen & Tao to California and beyond. You must be registered with us as fully vaccinated to participate in-person. All are welcome to join us for the ceremony online.

There will be a community breakfast with Tim following the Morning Program, at 8:00am. Please sign up if you are interested in joining us (Covid restrictions to entry into the temple apply).