Updated: AZC’s COVID Protocols & Reopening

Austin is now at Stage 5. In order to protect the health of everyone, we will be engaging in *online practice* only until the risk declines.

We are continuing to develop protocols to respond to the changing circumstances of this COVID pandemic. It is our intention to support everyone who is *fully vaccinated* to practice in person, but Stage 5, and the strains it places on our health systems, makes closure advisable. New variants will continue to emerge, and our responses will change with them. 

At this time, under Stage 5 only residents, practice leaders and staff may enter the temple.  
We will wear masks at all times in the temple. 

When we return to Stage 4 and lower only those who are fully vaccinated (inducing a booster) will be allowed into the temple.

If you are fully vaccinated (including a booster) please register below and include a photo of your CDC card. The temple administrator has gone through the existing registrations and retained those that already had a booster at the time of registration. If you registered in the past after two doses and have since had the third, please re-register.

We will remain closed to the wider public until Austin Public Health returns to Stage One. If you need to come to the AZC office, please be sure to read the AZC OFFICE COVID Protocols.

Updates will be made to the website and through the newsletter, and we will continue to offer zazen, our Saturday program, and other practice opportunities online. 

Our intention is to re-open fully once we’re more confident about not putting our residents and other sangha members at undue risk for illness. We thank you for your enthusiasm and interest in returning to AZC for zazen. Please know it is shared by many of us!

With warm bows,
Rev. Dōshin Mako Voelkel
Head Teacher of AZC