Departing Ceremony for AZC Resident Meikan Etsudō Prado

Tuesday, February 22th @ 7:30am

Join us in this brief, traditional ceremony after our morning service that marks the departure of a resident practitioner from a training temple. Meikan will be departing soon after the ceremony begin her next adventure. After morning chanting service we will offer bows as she passes us in a circumambulation of the zendo.  You must be registered with us as fully vaccinated to participate in-person. All are welcome to join us for the ceremony online.

Here are some words from Meikan for the sangha:

I  am supercharged by my recent practice at Austin Zen Center. There have been great highs and lows which have opened up doors of calm and slow vulnerability. I’m going off to Chattanooga, TN to help my sister with a big move to Washington DC. The timeline is still fluid but things seem to be moving at a fast pace.
This opportunity will allow me focus on some artistic work projects, more dharma study, quiet retreat space and I plan to do a lot of hiking and visiting as many waterfalls as possible! Also, you’ll still see my face in the Zoom space and I plan to return to residential zen life as soon as possible. I will also continue my practice discussions with our fearless teachers. I’m sending you all my love and profound gratitude!