Building the Seamless Monument, a Dharma Talk by Konjin Gaelyn Roshi

Saturday, July 24 at 10:00 am

A teaching story (koan)  has a Chinese emperor ask a Zen Master , “After you die, what will you need?” the Master said, “Build a seamless monument for me.” Join us as we explore with the Abbot of Houston Zen Center how building this seamless monument happens.

Emperor Su Tsung asked National Teacher Hui Chung, “After you die, what will you need?”
The National Teacher said, “Build a seamless monument for me.”
The Emperor said, “Please tell me, Master, what the monument would look like?”
The National Teacher was silent for a long time; then he asked, “Do you understand?”
The Emperor said “I don’t understand”
The National Teacher said, I have a disciple to whom I have transmitted the Teaching, Tan Yuan, who is well versed in this matter. Please summon him and ask him about it.”
After the National Teacher passed on, the Emperor summoned Tan Yuan and asked him what the meaning of this was. Tan Yuan said:
South of Hsiang, north of T’an;
In between there’s gold sufficient to a nation.
Beneath the shadowless tree, the community ferryboat;
Within the crystal palace, there’s no one who knows.”

– Blue Cliff Record, Case 18

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About Konjin Godwin: ​​Setsuan Konjin Gaelyn Godwin is the Abbot of Houston Zen Center. She trained at San Francisco Zen Center for 18 years, many of them at Tassajara. She moved from Green Gulch Farm to Houston in 2003 at the request of the Houston Zen Community where, together with the Zen community, she helped establish the Houston Zen Center, a thriving and diverse urban refuge in the heart of Houston for the study of Zen.

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