A Dharma Talk on The Seuss of Zen by Shoren Heather Iarusso

Saturday, December 18 at 10:00 - 11:30 am

  • Visiting Teacher  Shoren Heather Iarusso
  • Date/Time  Saturday, December 18 at 10am
  • Location  AZC Online Zendo
  • Fee  By donation 

Rev Shoren Heather Iarusso first moved to Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in June 2008 thinking she’d stay for six months. Her spiritual sabbatical morphed into a way of life, residing amid the peace and beauty of the monastic valley for seven years total. Heather was ordained as a Zen Priest in October 2015 by Teah Strozer, who served as the guiding teacher for Brooklyn Zen Center (BZC) for many years. Heather worked at BZC for two years as the Ino (Head of Meditation Hall), program director, and the interim executive director. Heather has served in various practice roles at Tassajara including the Ino, Tenzo (Head Cook), Shika (Guest Manager), and the Shuso (Head Student) with Senior Dharma Teacher Paul Haller. She’s currently the director and head of practice for San Francisco Zen Center’s online practice center.

Does the Grinch have Buddha nature? “Mu!” Rev. Shoren Heather will explore the role of koans in deepening our experiential knowledge of Zen by using the popular koan of “Does a dog have Buddha nature?” She’ll offer a Dr. Seuss-inspired poem for contemplation and illumination. 

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