Zazen is sitting meditation, wholeheartedly engaging this moment, dropping off thoughts and views and returning to the present moment here and now, again and again. When you reach a seat, turn to face your place and gassho-bow to your companions — who gassho-bow in return. Sit down and face the wall for zazen, or face into the room for talks, service, and the short zazen immediately before talks. The beginning of zazen is signaled by three bells. During zazen, you may shift your position quietly as needed. Sit upright on cushions or a chair, facing the wall, eyes open, hands folded in the zazen mudra.

The end of zazen is signaled by two bells if kinhin follows, or by one bell otherwise. When the bell rings, gassho-bow before moving, and then turn, stretch your legs, and rise. Fluff your zafu, straighten cushions or chair, gassho-bow to your place, and turn around. When you leave the zendo, first gassho-bow to the altar and group from your seat (not in the doorway).