The Four Gates of Mindfulness: A Dharma Talk by Zenki Dillo

Saturday, August 27th at 10:15 - 11:30 am

  • Teacher  Zenki Dillo Roshi
  • Date/Time  Saturday, August 27th at 10:15am
  • Location  In person & Online Zendo
  • Fee  By donation*

Zenki Dillo Roshi is the Resident Teacher at Boulder Zen Center. He began his Zen practice in 1996 at the San Francisco Zen Center. For 20 years, he practiced monastically at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center. In 2013, he received dharma transmission from Zentatsu Baker Roshi.

Since then he has been Boulder Zen Center’s Guiding Teacher. In 2020, he moved to Boulder full-time, where he now lives with his wife, the light artist Sophia Dixon Dillo.

Zenki Roshi teaches Zen as a craft based on his understanding of Buddhism as a “transformative phenomenology”—an embodied investigation of human experience with the intention of realizing liberation from suffering, wisdom, and compassion.

He is currently developing a series of Practice Courses to actively support lay practitioners in their daily lives. This curriculum is aligned with his book The Path of Aliveness: A Contemporary Zen Approach to Awakening Body and Mind (Shambala, May 2022).

Even though the Zen tradition doesn’t explicitly teach stages of mindfulness meditation, it is useful to describe the cultivation of attention as a passage through specific gates that open into new mental spaces. In this way, we can begin to understand mindfulness practice as the unfolding of a transformative craft that progressively increases our intimacy with ourselves, others, and the phenomenal world.
This talk draws from teachings in Zenki Christian Dillo’s recently published book The Path of Aliveness: A Contemporary Zen Approach to Awakening Body and Mind (Shambhala, May 2022).

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