Memorial Service for Meghan Radford

Wednesday, November 15th at 6:45pm (note correct date)

We will have a memorial service for Myoho Yushin, Meghan Radford, and invite AZC sangha to join in honoring her life.

Meghan was an AZC resident after coming to practice through the Meditation and Recovery group in 2012. She received the precepts from former Guiding Teacher Mako Voelkel through former Abbot of AZC Kosho McCall in 2015, and the name which means Wondrous Phoenix, Gentle Heart. Myoho practiced at Tassajara and Green Gulch Farm, and with Gil Fronsdale at IRC. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and passed away on November 1. Please join us.

All are welcome to join the ceremony in person or in the Online Zendo.

On Conducting a Buddhist Memorial Service

Hoji, literally translated as “dharma event”, is an important Buddhist practice to commemorate a deceased person. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for surviving family and friends to reconfirm human connections which the departed helped bring about, to realize that we owe much to the deceased, to renew our gratitude to her and to deeply reflect upon ourselves in connection with her.” Part of the offerings in this ceremony are words from family and friends to express our gratitude and connection. Please join us!