Compassion and Safety: A Dharma Talk by Rev. Koshin Steven Tierney

Saturday, January 13th at 10:15 am

  • Teacher Rev. Koshin Steven Tierney
  • Date/Time  Saturday, January 13th at 10:15am
  • Location  In person and online Zendo
  • Fee  Please consider offering dāna in gratitude for these teachings. 

We are facing challenges to our mental health as individuals, families, Sanghas, communities and society. Effective responses often feel out of our reach.  In every community in our country there are shortages of trained clinicians and spaces in healing programs for these folks.  “These folks” of course refers to and includes every one of us. If the challenges involve or impact everyone, then the responses must include us all too.

Rev. Koshin Steven Tierney is a Dharma transmitted teacher in the lineage of Suzuki Roshi/San Francisco Zen Center. Steven practices with Oceans Compassion Sangha and Meditation in Recovery, Great Spirit Sangha, SFLGBTQA Sangha, Gay Buddhist Fellowship and the Hartford Street Zen Center. Steven believes that we can find wisdom, compassion and awakening wherever good people come together for practice, healing, service and joy. Dr. Tierney is a psychotherapist in private practice and Professor Emeritus in Counseling Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies. He is also a board member of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association.

Dharma talks by Zen teachers are a traditional method of transmitting the heart and understanding of Buddha’s Way. Public Dharma talks are offered as part of our Saturday morning program. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Please consider offering dāna in gratitude for these teachings. 

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