The Karma of War: A Dharma Talk by Shion Pat Yingst

Saturday, March 19 at 10:15 - 11:30 am

  • Speaker  Shion Pat Yingst 
  • Date/Time  Saturday, March 19 at 10:15am
  • Location  In Person and Online
  • Fee  By donation 

About Pat Yingst Pat began practicing Zen meditation in 1988 and has been a member of Austin Zen Center since its inception. She has seven years experience teaching meditation in prisons and was active in the Austin intra-Buddhist prison volunteer organization, Inside Meditation. For two years, she served as office manager/bookkeeper for the center in 2005-2006. She was co-editor of AZC’s journal, Just This, for its first five years. Pat has also served on the AZC Board of Directors.

Join her for her first dharma talk after receiving lay entrustment

This talk will have us looking into ourselves at the war within.  What can we as Buddhists do to mitigate the current situation of the world?  Warning: Do not expect an answer  you haven’t heard before. 

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