5 Day Study Sesshin with Rev. Kokyo Henkel


Visiting teacher, Rev. Kokyo Henkel, is coming to AZC to lead a 5 Day Denko-é (Study Sesshin). The talks will focus on the stories of some of our Indian ancestors. Kokyo will be offering two talks a day. It will be possible to attend only part of the retreat, but two days is the minimum.

Please reach out to AZC’s Guiding Teacher choro@austinzencenter.org with any questions about attendance. 

  • Teacher:  Rev. Kokyo Henkel
  • Orientation: Tuesday August 22nd 
  • Date/Time: Wednesday, August 23rd – Sunday, August 27th
  • Location:  AZC Zendo, Dharma talks on Zoom
  • Program Fees:  $45/day Members / $55/day Non-members

Kokyo Henkel has been practicing Zen since 1990, in residence at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, where he is currently Tanto / head of practice, No Abode Hermitage in Mill Valley, Bukkokuji Monastery in Japan, and Santa Cruz Zen Center.

He was ordained as a Zen priest in 1994 by Tenshin Anderson Roshi and received Dharma Transmission from him in 2010. Kokyo is interested in exploring how the original teachings of Buddhadharma from ancient India, China, and Japan are still very much alive and useful in present-day America to bring peace and harmony to this troubled world.


Join the talks

There will be a Dharma Talk & Discussion at 10:15am and 2:45pm everyday.

All are welcome to join the Dharma Talks using this Zoom link

Kokyo is supported by donations. Please consider making a gift in gratitude for his teaching. The entirety of your donation will go to him. The suggested amount is $10 per talk, but any amount is appreciated.

Austin Zen Center 2023 Denko-e Sesshin


     6.30 pm  Sesshin orientation, oryoki instruction

      7:15       Zazen

      8:30       Three Refuges


Wed – Saturday          Please arrive by 5:50 a.m. Be seated by 5.57.

        6:00      Zazen

        6:35       Kinhin

        6:45       Zazen

        7:20       Morning Service

       7:50       Breakfast (oryoki)

        8:30       Break & Kitchen Clean-up

        9:30       Zazen

        10:05     Kinhin

        10:15      Dharma Talk & Discussion

        11:30      Kinhin

        11:40     Zazen

        12:10     Noon service

        12:20      Lunch (oryoki)

        1:00        Break & Kitchen Clean-up

        2:10      Zazen

        2:35       Kinhin

        2:45       Dharma Talk & Discussion

        4:00       Kinhin

        4:10      Zazen

        4:40       Kinhin

        4:50       Zazen

        5:20      Evening Service

        5:30       Dinner (oryoki)

         6:10       Break & Kitchen Clean-up

        7:20       Zazen

        7:50       Kinhin

        8:00       Zazen

        8:30        Three Refuges


Sunday                    (Morning same as above, then)

        12:20 pm   Lunch (oryoki)

        1:10        Break & Kitchen Clean-up

        2:10      Zazen

        2:50       Kinhin

        3:00       Dharma Talk & Discussion

        4:00       End of Sesshin