Zen Tea Workshop with Linda Mosley sensei

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Please join us for an opportunity to hear about and experience Japanese Tea Ceremony (chado) from Linda Mosley sensei, a licensed instructor in the Urasenke school of tea.

For this presentation, Linda will begin with a short set of remarks about the tradition. Then there will be a demonstration of the roles of host and guest as Linda goes through the steps of making a bowl of matcha (powdered green tea) for a guest with full respect and attention. For those who wish to taste this preparation of tea, up to 12 attendees will also receive a bowl of tea to drink. The demonstration will be followed by a period of discussion. All are welcome; the workshop is especially recommended for those who practice Zen and have experienced oryoki (the formal way of eating a meal during a meditation retreat).

  • Teacher:  Linda Mosley sensei
  • Date/Time:  Saturday, March 18th from 1:30-3pm
  • Location:  AZC Zendo
  • Program Fees:  $25 Members / $35 Non-members

Linda Mosley grew up in a unique small country town in central Illinois. She discovered Japanese Arts in undergraduate school at the University of Illinois. As a pottery “major” she was particularly interested in Japanese ceramics used in Chado, Japanese tea ceremony.

In 1983, Linda took Chado lessons for one year with Mrs. Minnie Kubose in Chicago, Illinois. In 2009, she began studying with Dr. Sheila Fling and assisting with presenting Japanese tea ceremony to local groups in the Austin area. Linda now holds two teaching certificates from Urasenke Chado Tankokai Foundation, Kyoto, Japan. With the mentorship of Dr. Fling, Linda teaches classes at her home in Austin, Texas.

Linda also holds a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics and has maintained a home studio and taught pottery from primary to college levels since 1975.

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