Workshop with Rev. Koji Acquaviva: The Care You Need: Finding the zazen that’s appropriate for you

Saturday, May 13th from 1-4pm

A monk asked Yúnmén, “What are the teachings of a whole lifetime?”

Yúnmén said, “An appropriate response.”

Our temperaments and circumstances braid together into a request. Our lives are asking for a certain type of attention and care. The way we respond to that request is what we call practice. In this afternoon workshop, I’ll introduce you to a variety of ways to sit zazen, each one an appropriate response to a situation you may find yourself in energetically and emotionally. Through this exploration we will gain some agency in meeting life as it comes to us with more ease and warmth.

  • Teacher:  Rev. Koji Acquaviva
  • Date/Time:  Saturday, May 13th from 1-4pm
  • Location:  AZC Zendo
  • Program Fees:  $45 Members / $55 Non-members

Rev. Koji Acquaviva is a Soto Zen priest and a teacher at Clouds in Water Zen Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. He began practicing Zen at the age of twenty at the San Francisco Zen Center where he was a resident and staff member for ten years. He co-founded the Mid City Zen Center in New Orleans, Louisiana and has been a regular visiting teacher at the Austin Zen Center. As a queer and neurodivergent person who trained rather traditionally, Koji makes his best effort to identify and confront the ways Buddhism is taught which re-inscribe harm for members of marginalized communities. In addition to Soto Zen, he’s studied Vedanta, Hatha Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism in residential practice centers. You can visit his website at