Volunteer Practice Opportunities at AZC

Taking on a volunteer temple job is a wonderful opportunity to deepen one’s practice through service to the sangha. Indeed, we could not continue to function without the generous support and service of many volunteers. If you have been an ongoing member, sat a sesshin or retreat, or otherwise wish to serve the AZC community, please consider joining us in taking care of our temple in a variety of departments:

  • Technology (Website/Calendar/Database)
  • Maintenance & Repairs (Carpentry/Painting/Refinishing/Plumbing/Electrical)
  • Housekeeping/Shika (Guest set-up/Laundry/Temple Cleaning)
  • Grounds (Lawn & Garden/Raking/Weeding)
  • Media (Photography/Writing/Editing/Newsletter/Social Media)
  • Kitchen/Tenzo (Shopping/Cooking/Meal-Prep)
  • Development (Fundraising/Donor-Appreciation)
  • Membership (Outreach/Event-Planning/Welcome Committee)
  • Ceremonial (Doan Ryo/Retreat Prep/Altar & Ritual Object Care)
  • Administrative (Head Teacher-Assistant/Coordinator)

Please contact AZC Director Tim Kroll for more information.