Upcoming Events at a Glance

Looking Forward: Upcoming Practice Events & Visiting Teachers

Apr 9-19: Rev. Mako at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center for Shiho (Dharma Transmission), with Sangha Work Week participants from 4/13-19.

Apr 13: Conversation Cafe on Community/Sangha 

Apr 13-19: Tassajara Sangha Work-Practice Week – AZC open for informal zazen only (during regularly scheduled zazen times)

Apr 24 – Jun 9: AZC Spring Practice Period on the Nature of Mind

Apr 24: Spring Practice Period Opening Ceremony

Apr 25-28: Genzo-e Study Sesshin on This Very Mind is Buddha with Rev. Kokyo Henkel, Head Teacher of Santa Cruz Zen Center

May 2-30: Trust in Mind Class w/Tim Kroll – 5 Thursdays

May 11: One-Day Sitting

May 25: Spring Fair & Buddha’s Birthday Celebration (with Skit night)

Jun 5: Last Spring Practice Period Gathering

Jun 5-9: Spring 4-day Sesshin

Jun 22: Dharma Talk and Workshop by Visiting Teacher and AZC Founder Betty Holmes

Jun 29: Dharma Talk by Rev. Konjin Gaelyn Godwin, HZC Abbot and North America Soto-shu Director

Aug 3: Dharma Talk and Zen Workshop with Senior Dharma Teacher Zoketsu Norman Fischer, of Everyday Zen.

Aug 30-Sep 4: Tassajara Private Study Week

Sep 28: Dharma Talk & Book Signing (Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader: Lessons from Google and a Zen Monastery Kitchen) by Rev. Marc Lesser

Sep 29: Zen Workshop by Rev. **Marc Lesser**