Tanto Entering Ceremony

Saturday July 31st at 9:50am (immediately following 9:15am zazen and just before the 10am Dharma Talk.

During this brief ceremony Rev. Choro Carla Antonaccio will be formally invited to take her seat as Tanto (Head of Practice) at the Austin Zen Center. This ceremony will take place during a one-day meditation retreat and will be accessible both online as well as in-person. The structure of this ceremony includes the community members bowing to Choro as she passes in circumambulation of the zendo. Upon completion of this circumambulation Choro will assume the seat reserved for the Head of Practice, and will sit facing into the zendo going forward as Tanto.

If you would like to participate in-person, you must register your full vaccination status and be confirmed before entering the temple.Otherwise, you may participate online through our regular Saturday Morning Program in our Online Zendo.

Donations to the temple and/or to our new Tanto are gratefully appreciated.