Saturday Morning Outdoor Work Day, Welcome and Farewell Lunch!

Welcome to Kokyo and Shoho and farewell to Pat!

Join us *in-person* for Saturday morning zazen (outdoors, in the side yard), followed by a Sangha work day & lunch. This is a wonderful opportunity for in-person practice together – through silent sitting and work-practice, caring for the temple & grounds, digging into the garden for an overall mid-spring sprucing followed by a community lunch. 

This event serves as both a welcome to Kokyo Henkel and Shoho Kubast, who will be staying with us through Fall Practice Period and Rohatsu Sesshin, and farewell to Pat Yingst, who will be heading to Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in California to take part in the Fall Practice Period from early September through mid December. 

This is an excellent way to dive back in to community life and to practice together on & off the cushion (and away from the computer)! While ideal to come for the duration, it is fine to come for just sitting or just the work period, as your schedule allows.

*** Please note that the following COVID guidelines are in effect and apply to everyone, regardless of vaccination status: ***

    • Folks who’ve experienced ANY COVID symptoms (or proximity to others who have) within one week in advance of the event are asked to stay home.
    • The main building will not be open to anyone who has not been authorized to enter by the Work Leader.
    • Masks will be required when sitting or working near others.
    • Social distancing is expected, especially when eating or speaking.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the grounds, and required before and after using the outdoor restroom.

If this is your first time at the Zen Center, please consider going to our online Beginner’s Meditation Instruction and/or familiarizing yourself with basic AZC etiquette prior to the day of the event


8:00am (online-only) – Beginner’s Instruction or Informal Zazen

9:15 am (in-person or online) – Zazen

9:50 amChant: Hymn to the Perfection of Wisdom

10:00 amWork Circle gathering before silent Work Practice

12:55 amPut away tools & return to work circle to bow out together


1:45pm – Clean up