Online Beginners’ Meditation Instruction

Saturdays from 8-9am in the Online Zendo

The easiest way to familiarize yourself with the Austin Zen Center and our core practice is to start by attending the Beginners’ Class held on Saturdays from 8:00–9:00am. This event, while usually held in the zendo (meditation hall) in the main building at 3014 Washington Square, will be held in our newly formed Online Zendo. Participants will be given meditation instruction (the core practice of Zen Buddhism), a general orientation to the Center (as much as possible), and an opportunity to ask questions about Zen practice in general as well as the Austin Zen Center.

All participants are invited to join the Saturday Morning Program immediately after the Beginner’s class, which includes zazen, chanting service, and Dharma talk followed by conversation. While AZC is committed to offering the Saturday Morning Program, weekly periods of zazen, and study/discussion groups free-of-charge, we actively encourage (and rely upon) the generous support of guests, members, and supporters through general donations and membership pledges. The suggested donation for Beginners’ Instruction is $15.

How to Join:

 1) Be sure that you have the Zoom App on your phone, tablet, or computer. 
 2) Have a place to meditate.  If you have meditation cushions (zafu & zabuton) that’s great; otherwise you can use a chair without arms.  Position your meditation space so you have access to your computer screen.  
 3)  A little before 8 am on Saturday morning JOIN the meeting. You’ll find the link on this page as well as on the ONLINE ZENDO post on AZC’s home page.