Sangha Sessions for Healing & Harmony

Facilitated by AZC Director Tim Kroll and AZC Board Member and Clinical Psychologist Mary Meagher

On 3 Sundays: Jan 13, 27, & Feb 3 from 1-2:30pm

In recognition of an expressed wish & intention to heal, reconcile, and move forward from a tumultuous era at AZC (during which time several long-term members and leaders left the sangha), the AZC Board & Practice Leadership would like to offer an opportunity for respectful dialogue and processing as a community endeavor. Our hope is to engage with sangha members who were negatively affected during that time; who wish to express and understand their own feelings around the divisions within the sangha and to experience authentic community healing. Through this process we hope to help restore trust in the community that is the Austin Zen Center now. How can our Sangha heal? How can we integrate these events of the past into our history & perspective, and move forward with greater strength, balance, and awareness? To explore these questions and your experience, we have scheduled a series of three “Healing Circle” dialogues, facilitated with the aim of helping to ensure all participants feel welcome and safe, and have an equal opportunity to share thoughts and feelings.

Please contact Tim Kroll or Dr. Mary Meagher with questions/comments. If you know of sangha members who might be interested in this kind of dialogue, please let them know of this opportunity.