Sangha photo from AZC’s last day, and words from Tova Green

On AZC’s last day before closing our doors to the public we took this photo of the sangha with Visiting Teacher and Branching Streams Liaison Tova Green. Tova visited the Houston Zen Center right afterwards before returning to San Francisco Zen Center, where she was immediately put under quarantine.

A few words from Tova: “I’ve been quarantined in an empty apartment in 340 since I returned, which is not as bad as it may sound. I have a bed, table and two chairs (though I really only need one), and my cello, and meals are brought to me. We are doing everything by Zoom and I feel surprisingly in touch. We all have buddies and will begin meeting in pre-assigned small groups tomorrow.

Please give my warm greetings to all my friends at AZC.

with love and bows,