Practicing with Sexual Energy: A Workshop w/ Rev. Daigan Gaither & Rev. Choro Antonaccio

Saturday, May 11th, 1:30-3:00pm. Please register below.

  • What is it to be upright and awake in the midst of sexual energy? 
  • How do we not turn away from ourselves or our experience in the present moment, while also noticing how our choices impact our experiences of desire and sexuality.
  • How can we learn to understand and relate to desire in healthy and respectful ways?
  • Are we using our energies or are they using us? 
  • Using discussions, guided meditations, etc we will explore our vow in the context of responsible, healing, and healthy sexual choices. 
  • Workshop: Practicing with Sexual Energy: Precepts, Presence and Power.  
  • Teachers: Co-led by Rev. Daigan Gaither & Rev. Choro Antonaccio
  • Date/Time: Saturday, May 11th, 1:30-3:00pm
  • Location:  In person
  • Program Fees:  $25 Members / $35 Non-members

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Rev. Daigan Gaither (He/Him) began Buddhist practice in 1995 in the Vipassana (Insight) tradition, and then began to study Zen in 2003. He received Lay Ordination in 2006 where he was given the name Daigan or “Great Vow”, and received Priest Ordination in July 2011. Daigan speaks internationally on a variety of topics particularly around gender, sexuality, social justice and their intersections with the Dharma. He also sits or has sat on a number of boards and committees that serve community needs and further social justice causes.

Daigan has a BA in Philosophy and Religion from San Francisco State University, and an MA in Buddhist Studies (with a chaplaincy certificate and a certificate in Soto Zen Buddhism) from the Graduate Theological Union and the Institute of Buddhist Studies. You can find out more via his website He lives in San Francisco, CA and identifies as a disabled, queer, white, cis male.

Rev. Choro Antonaccio
is the Guiding Teacher at Austin Zen Center. began formal Zen practice at Chapel Hill Zen Center in 1999. She received lay precepts from her teacher, Rev. Josho Patricia Phelan, in 2001 and priest ordination in 2010. She was shuso in Chapel Hill in 2016. Rev. Choro has practiced at the three temples of San Francisco Zen Center including practice periods at Tassajara and Green Gulch Farm. In Chapel Hill she served for multiple years in the positions of Tenzo, Work Leader, and Ino and also served as member at large and president of the board of directors. She decided to end her career in academia in 2018 and moved to Austin to practice with the sangha at AZC in 2020.