Making Origami Cranes in Memory of Mark Bykoski

In honor of our dear dharma brother, Mark Bykoski, who passed away this past Tuesday.  Let’s gather in person on Monday, May 24, between 5:00-7:00 pm  to make origami cranes as a memorial to him. 

In Japan, cranes bring good luck and people make origami cranes (Orizuru) to generate good wishes.    

Mark loved making cranes so it would be especially meaningful to have a myriad of cheerful well-wishing  cranes hanging from strings at his memorial service.  

We will meet in the 704 house – inside and unmasked if you are vaccinated – outside and masked at a picnic table if not.  Paper will be provided but if you have some origami paper of your own, please bring it – the more variety the better.  

If you are one of the many who have never made origami cranes or would like a refresher, HERE is just one of hundreds of  YouTube videos to teach you.  You can make your own squares of practice paper.  (I recommend big – like 6X6 – cut as precisely as possible).  Best if your practice paper is different on each side (not all white).  There will be tutoring at the meeting also.  

If you can’t come to he meeting but would like to make cranes,  email  and she will leave paper and instructions for you outside the kitchen door.  You should indicate how many cranes you plan to make.