Last Chance to Double your Donation (and help support AZC’s infrastructure)

An Appeal from AZC Board Chair Dave P, on behalf of our Temple

Join our Matching Gift Campaign for two Essential Major Appliances: AC Units & Water Heater

Dear Members & Supporters,

At our recent annual meeting, we reported that both 20-year old air-conditioning units in our temple were at the end of their useful lifespan. The following week we discovered that our tankless water heater also needs replacement. Unfortunately, we cannot delay these repairs despite being simultaneously compelled to adjust our yearly budget during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We anticipate that AZC will lose significant revenue due to the many cancellations of programs (visiting teachers, workshops, sesshins, etc.) as well as from decreased membership pledging from our most financially vulnerable sangha members.

Thankfully, a generous donor(s) has recently stepped forward, and will match the contributions of the Sangha for the replacement of both the AC and water heater units. Over the next month, every dollar contributed by the Sangha for this program will be matched up to a maximum of $8000.

This wonderful generosity comes amid the uncertainty surrounding us as we shelter in place during the coronavirus pandemic, and we are deeply grateful!

Now more than ever, the Austin Zen Center needs your support in continuing the mission of providing a safe place for the practice of self-discovery through Soto Zen for all beings. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity of a matching program at this critical time.

Please GIVE if you can. All donations to Austin Zen Center are tax-deductible.

Warm bows,

Dave Pietruszynski, AZC Board Chair