The Bodies We Wake Up In – A Dharma Talk by Shōgen Jody Greene

Saturday, August 1st at 10am in AZC's Online Zendo

We are delighted to invite you to Shōgen Jody Greene’s Dharma Talk at AZC in our Online Zendo.

This talk explores Zen practice as a body practice, the one we call “just sitting.” The only place we can wake up is in the body we were born into, and becoming intimate with and taking care of our physical body is an essential support to a life of practice. Yet through sitting, Zen practice also gives us access to the subtle or energy body, the “treasure house” of life force energy that is an essential part of our birthright.

Come and enjoy Jody’s talk in AZC’s Online Zendo, and PLEASE support AZC & our Visiting Teachers!

About Shōgen Jody Greene: Jody came to Zen practice through attending a Tassajara work period in September 2001. She received Jukai (Lay Ordination) from Sobun Katherine Thanas in 2005 and completed four Tassajara practice periods since 2008. She served as head student (shuso) with City Center Abiding Abbot Tenzen David Zimmerman for the 104th practice period at Tassajara in Fall 2019. Her teachers are Daijaku Kinst and Leslie James.

Academically, Jody is Associate Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning and Professor of Literature & Feminist Studies, at UC Santa Cruz, where she has also been active in the fields of Queer Studies & Contemplative Pedagogy. Her research interests include 17th & 18th century British literature; non-dualist Western philosophy, especially the work of Spivak, Derrida, and Nancy; human rights and international law; queer studies; and the history of literary discourse and literary institutions. Her forthcoming collection, co-edited with Sharif Youssef, is The Hostile Takeover: Human Rights after Corporate Personhood. In 2016, she became the founding Director of the Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning at UCSC, bringing resources, advocacy, and support to UCSC’s faculty and graduate students in a rapidly changing educational environment. Jody has taught meditation, yoga, and other contemplative practices at Tassajara, Esalen and, annually since 2013, in Ladakh, India. 

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Jody will also be hosting a workshop the afternoon of August 1st. For more information, visit this link.