Buddha’s Enlightenment Ceremony – In-Person/Online

All are welcome to join us in celebrating Buddha’s Enlightenment! In connection with the approach of winter solstice and the end of Rohatsu sesshin – the winter retreat that is the most intense and usually the longest of the year – many Zen temples celebrate Buddha’s Enlightenment. This is sometimes on Dec. 8 but the date often varies year to year. This year AZC will celebrate the day after the close of Rohatsu.
We joyfully commemorate the occasion when Shakyamuni Buddha, who had vowed not to get up from sitting under the bodhi tree, looked up and saw the morning star, and awakened to the truth of reality. He and the star awakened together with all beings and all things. We praise Shakyamuni in chanting and circumambulating while the big drum keeps time, expressing our joy that Buddha discovered and taught the way to waking up which we practice today, for the benefit of all.
Please join us!

*  As this is a fundraiser for the Austin Zen Center, please donate an amount you feel comfortable donating. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.