Full Moon Ceremony – Chant

Bodhisattva Full Moon Ceremony (Ryaku Fusatsu)

Note: All Chanting is call & response with the exception of the Refuges and ending “All Buddhas…”


I take refuge in Buddha.

Before all beings, 

Immersing body and mind deeply in the Way, 

Awakening true mind.


I take refuge in Dharma.   

Before all beings, 

Entering deeply the merciful ocean

Of Buddha’s Way.


I take refuge in Sangha.

Before all beings, 

Bringing harmony to everyone,

Free from hindrance. 


I vow to embrace and sustain all wholesome action. 

I vow to make every effort to live in enlightenment. 

I vow to live and be lived for the benefit of all beings. 


I vow not to kill, but to cherish all life. 

I vow not to take what is not given, but to freely give, ask for, and accept what is needed. 

I vow not to misuse sexuality, but to give and accept affection and friendship without clinging. 

I vow not to lie, but to listen and speak from the heart. 

I vow not to foster delusion, but to cultivate the mind of clarity. 

I vow not to use divisive speech, but to take responsibility for my own life. 

I vow not to praise self or blame others, but to meet each other on equal ground. 

I vow not to be possessive of anything, but to practice generosity. 

I vow not to indulge anger, but to accept everything as an opportunity for growth. 

I vow not to slander the Three Treasures, but to honor the Buddha, unfold the Dharma, and nourish the Sangha. 

All Buddhas, Ten directions, Three Times,

All Honored Ones, Bodhisattva-Mahasattvas,

Wisdom Beyond Wisdom, Maha Prajna Paramita…