AZC Building and Grounds: Repairs & Maintenance Updates

Taking Great Care of our Temple: Updates on Repairs & Maintenance of our Building & Grounds

June 29, 2020 – Message from AZC Director

Even though our buildings have been closed to the public for a while now, there’s still so much happening in and around AZC.  It’s been lovely to see so many gardeners and bamboo project volunteers quietly appear, and take care of this shared space outdoors.  Many thanks to Sherry, and Rich, in particular, who’s near daily care of our grounds and space buoy us with a sense of normalcy, of everydayness.  

After a very successful fund raising drive, spurred on by donor matches, we were able to complete the installation of both a new air conditioning unit, and a new hot water heater.  Installation and inspections took about a week, and there were a number of people here working.  We took great care with our precautions, doing our best to keep both workers and residents safe.

As some of you may have heard, just this past week, we had a pinhole leak in the second floor bathroom pipes. Thankfully it was discovered early on and ended up being a fairly easy (albeit emergency) short term fix. Unfortunately, water had already dripped down into the first floor hallway and the basement below.  This is at least the third time we’ve seen leaks in this area of the building.  So, up next in our immediate needs for repair is some work on the internal plumbing.  Currently, even with the new hot water heater, very little (if any) hot water is reaching the second floor shower that the residents use.  Ultimately a complete overhaul of our aging plumbing has been recommended.  

We received a number of bids for various levels of replacement (everything from replacing all of it, inside and out, to just certain areas of the building most in need, like the second floor residents’ bathroom).  Jacob Bramlett has been really generous with his time and expertise around all of these plumbing issues (from doing some of the small work himself, to advising and monitoring the process of getting bids and organizing the work).  Thank you, Jacob.

The board is considering the fullest scope that is recommended at this time.  There are ongoing discussions about how much to take on now and how plan for and budget for future plumbing updates needed.  Stay tuned as we move forward!


May 25, 2020 – Update on AZC’s new Air Conditioning & Water Heater!

Thank you to all those who made generous contributions to our matching gift campaign. So far 27 people have donated a total of $6058 (each between $25-$1200) out of the $8000 total matching gift, and our board gave the go-ahead to begin the repairs needed for our failing air conditioning (2nd floor first, then 1st floor later) & water heater. These essential repairs will benefit the residents immediately, and our entire Sangha once we re-open.

April 22, 2020 – Beyond our Earth Day Ceremony

Help us create a more sustainable, greener Austin Zen Center!

AZC currently has an *urgent* need to replace both our tankless water heater and at least one A/C unit, both of which are over 20 years old and failing. Thankfully, we have a donor who is matching funds up to $8000; please consider helping us reach our goal of maintaining the temple in a sustainable and Earth-friendly way by DONATING today. Any amount will be greatly appreciated!