AZC is looking to hire a Director

The position in brief:  

The Director leads the administration of the Austin Zen Center (AZC). Working closely with the Guiding Teacher, Practice Leaders, Residents, Board of Directors, and supervising office staff, the Director facilitates communication with the practice community and wider community, organizes programs and finances, and ensures smooth operations of the center. 

Primary responsibilities:

  1. AZC Operations:
  • Ensures that administrative staff and volunteers are effectively coordinated and supervised, and that they adhere to AZC policies.
  • Is responsible for the maintenance of the temple facilities and grounds, in cooperation with the Building and Grounds Committee.
  • Ensures that administrative staff stock AZC supplies, in cooperation with the Work Leader and Residents.
  • Makes sure the AZC buildings are open and accessible to Residents, staff, sangha members and the community according to our schedule.
  1. Financial Responsibilities:
  • Prepares an annual operating budget with the Finance Committee for approval by the Board. Implements and tracks the approved budget on a monthly basis.
  • Ensures that bookkeeping and related compliance procedures according to AZC’s Financial Management Policy are followed correctly and on time.
  • Ensures that the Board of Directors, its Finance Committee, and AZC members receive the appropriate information about AZC’s financial standing.
  • Ensures that AZC communicates with members and donors regarding their contributions.
  • Directly supports development campaigns, grant applications and grant management.
  1. Communication:
  • Ensures that AZC programs and events are publicized  to the sangha and the larger Austin community.
  • Responsible for keeping the AZC office open on schedule and ensuring that office staff respond to all inquiries including phone calls, emails, letters and in-person visitors.
  • Ensures that calendars for events and meetings are accurate and up to date.
  • Ensures that communications from the Head Teacher and Board, such as newsletters, pledge update letters, donation acknowledgement letters, and thank you letters to members and donors are prepared and distributed in a timely manner.
  1. Technology:
  • Maintains an accurate AZC membership list using Salesforce.
  • Maintains and updates a well-designed and up-to-date website.
  • Facilitates smooth operation of AZC software systems for class/event registration, online payments, donation tracking, membership information, communications and sales.
  • Coordinates and oversees work by consultants and IT volunteers to improve or repair systems.
  • Ownership and maintenance of Discord and Slack channels and Google Groups

Supporting responsibilities:

  1. Support of Teaching and Practice:
  • Collaborates with the Head teacher and Practice Leaders to support the spiritual mission of AZC.
  • Provides administration support during retreats, teaching activities and other events as requested by the Head Teacher and Practice Leaders.

To apply for this position please follow this link to fill out the application form.