AZC Board of Directors: Coming & Going

Meet AZC Board Member Nominees: José Alvarado, Chris Azbill, and David Pavkovic

José Alvarado was born in Panamá and raised in Miami. He holds a PhD in Physics from the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, and a faculty position in Physics at the University of Texas at Austin. In his spare time, José can be found training for triathlons or knitting.

José came to Buddhist practice in 2018 after being raised in Hinduism. He attended the Insight Meditation Center in Cambridge, MA. In 2019, he and his husband moved to Austin to start work at UT. That same year José started attending AZC and Zen practice.

Chris Azbill started practicing at AZC in 2015. At first, AZC was simply a place to take personal refuge from the world, but after attending many Saturday talks, the misty nature of Zen began to sink in. After a few years, he became one of the temple Residents and hasn’t left since. Outside of the temple, he is a father of two children and works as a Senior Software Developer.


David Pavkovic

 delicate butterfly
 human being
 small mind big mind
 noticing, not noticing
 gratitude for the buddha, dharma, sangha
music, sounds, textures, patterns, colors
building systems, always changing
present, not present
trying, not trying
connected to all people
gratitude for all life.

Extending Gratitude to Outgoing Board Members, David Adelman, Josh Kopin, and Wendy Salome

It is with deep bows of gratitude and respect that we give thanks to AZC’s outgoing Board Members, David Adelman, Josh Kopin, and Wendy Salome. While we are very sad to see them step off the Board, we look forward to welcoming them back into the AZC sangha – both here and from afar!

The AZC Board of Directors is open to receiving nominations for incoming Board members from our regular Membership. Please contact Board President Shu Shuey with any nominations.

All members and prospective members are invited to our upcoming Annual Membership Meeting & Brunch on April 2nd, where all pledging members in attendance will vote on incoming Board members.