Ancient Buddhist Teachings on Racism and Responding to Social Strife – A Dharma Talk by Dawn Neal

Saturday, September 12th at 10am in AZC's Online Zendo

Join us for special guest Dawn Neal speaking on social justice teachings from the Pāli Canon, in AZC’s Online Zendo.

What teachings did the Buddha offer about the social issues of his day? Drawing on the earliest compilations of the Buddhist texts, this talk introduces the Buddha’s ancient teachings on racism/caste and social strife, and explores perspectives on what they have to offer for our understanding and practice today – on and off the cushion. 

Come and enjoy Dawn’s talk in AZC’s Online Zendo, and PLEASE support AZC & our Visiting Teachers!

About Dawn Neal: Dawn has accumulated over two years of silent retreat practice since 2005. She holds an MA in Buddhist Studies and Pastoral care and has completed clinical pastoral counseling training. Dawn serves the community as a Buddhist teacher, interfaith chaplain, and scholar. She teaches and facilitates groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.