An Update on AZC Practice Leader Tim Kroll, and an Appeal

Dear Dharma Friends,

I wanted to update the sangha on a few next steps for me & my zen practice. As most of you know I stepped down as AZC’s Director in October, and have been busy trying to complete school work for the Clinical Doctorate degree I’ve been doing here at AOMA.  Perhaps, not as many know, that simultaneous to all this an opportunity has come up to go back to Tassajara for a Practice Period this January. This practice period is being led by my teacher, Ryushin Paul Haller, and represents a great opportunity to study directly with him in preparation for priest ordination (Shukke Tokudo), especially amidst the formal practice of the monastery. This will be an opportunity to once again witness, absorb, and deepen the practice of forms and ceremonies so integral to Soto Zen practice. Once the practice period is complete it is my intention to come back to Austin in April and continue being a resident and practice leader here. I am so grateful for all of the sangha’s support since I arrived 3 years ago. This is such a dedicated, inquisitive, and vibrant community and I really enjoy practicing here with all of you. In addition, Austin is a wonderful place to enter into professional Acupuncture and Herbal medicine practice. I’m looking forward to settling back into life here in April.

While this practice period represents a wonderful opportunity, one that I feel very fortunate to be able to have at this time, it does come with some expense. The tuition is a few thousand dollars, and there are some travel costs, and items needed to bring (especially long underwear – Tassajara gets very cold in the winter, and most cabins are unheated!) Since I’m currently a student and recently left my one paid position at AZC, I am reaching out to ask if people would be willing to help support this endeavor. I would be honored and encouraged by any support you can offer. 

Donations can be made below, or through AZC’s donation page. Please just specify where you’d like to direct the funds.  Thank you for anything you can give, and may it support all beings along with my own humble practice efforts.  

Yours in the Dharma,

Tim Kroll

Update: Due to current spikes in COVID infection rates in the US, the Tassajara Spring Practice Period is being pushed back to a later date (likely Feb/Mar). All donations towards Practice Period will be applied directly to the cost of tuition at Tassajara. In the event that Practice Period is cancelled and Tim is unable to attend, we will contact you with regard to where you’d like your donation to be applied.