Year-End Ceremony & Celebration


8:15 Bowing together (foyer) and Temple Cleaning
9:30 Chanting (zendo)
9:45 Toshi-koshi noodles (dining room)
10:30 Han begins for zazen
10:40 Zazen
11:10 Kinhin
11:25 Zazen with 108 bells
12:00 Bonfire & Toast 

Join us for any or all of this schedule. All are welcome.

We will have a small, traditional sake toast, and non-alcoholic sparkling cider will be offered as well. Please do not bring your own alcohol or other intoxicants. 

In the bonfire, we will burn old sutra pages, memorial name cards, incense and candle stubs as part of the ceremony of seeing out the old year and welcoming the new.