Workshop with Rev. Koji Acquaviva: The Portable Hermitage

How to liberate Zen from the meditation cushion through the practice of embodied entrusting.

  • Teacher:  Rev. Koji Acquaviva
  • Date/Time:  Saturday, July 9th from 1:30 – 4:00pm 
  • Location:  AZC 
  • Program Fees:  $75 Members / $100 Non-members

In this short but sweet workshop, we’re going to continue a bit the themes of disillusionment and devotion from the Dharma talk and discuss the dichotomy between relaxation and effort in practice. Time will be spent going over, in detail, the ideas of emptiness and suchness in order to uncover simple and applicable practices to soothe the mind in day-to-day life. This afternoon will be a mix of lecture, meditation, and discussion.

Rev. Koji Acquaviva is a Soto Zen priest and the current director of Clouds in Water Zen Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. He began his monastic training in 2003 at the age of 21 and spent the next ten years as a resident of the San Francisco Zen Center. He has served as resident teacher of Mid City Zen in New Orleans and as visiting teacher of the Austin Zen Center. In addition to Soto Zen, he’s studied Vedanta and Tibetan Buddhism as an ashram and temple resident. His primary interest is encouraging students of Zen to feel empowered to develop their own syncretic practice paths, availing themselves to whatever methods they feel are potent.

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