Women’s Circle with Shoho Kuebast

5 Alternate Mondays: Oct 4 - Nov 29 from 5-6pm

Dear Woman!
You are invited to join us to form a Women’s circle of mutual support, mutual empowerment and for encouragement to explore new pathways of entering this world of ours. While this group is for any woman who wants to explore her femininity in the new light of Affidamento (a philosophical impulse from Italian feminists that invites mutual reliance among women) as well as South Asian, tantric buddhist understanding of the feminine. While this circle invites female companionship, it also offers ways to deepen our Buddhist understanding of the Mahayana approach to being a helpful and wise person in this world. 
We will meet every other week on Mondays at 5pm for 60 Minutes. We will also have the opportunity to interact through a dedicated private channel on AZC’s Discord App where we’ll be able to share resources and stay in touch throughout the circle time of this fall. A continuation beyond is possible, based on interest. 
This will be an in-person event: we meet outside in the AZC garden.
Oct. 4th – What is Affidamento? Who are the supportive women in our lives (besides mothers)
Oct. 18th – Self-love: What is it? Invoking Kuan Yin Bodhisattva of Compassion
Nov 1st – Love of another: how to be in balance?
Nov 15th – Mother-Daughter relationships
Nov 29th – Dakini day – with a closing ceremony

About Rev. Shoho Kuebast: After meeting Jikoji founder Kobun Chino Roshi in Austria, Shoho received priest ordination in 2000 from Vanja Palmers and traveled to the US to enter Tassajara Zen Mountain Center to receive training. Having studied at all three centers of the San Francisco Zen Center, Shoho became a Jikoji resident in 2009. In 2010 she joined her partner Kokyo Henkel in Santa Cruz. Since then she trained in the Tibetan Nyingma tradition, which led her to study in Nepal, where she finished studies in Buddhism at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute, and stayed to assist in recovery efforts after the devastating 2015 earthquake. AZC is very fortunate to have both Shoho and her husband Kokyo with us this Fall as visiting teachers.