Support Rev. Choro Antonaccio’s Dharma Transmission Ceremonies

September 13-19 at 9:30am and 10am

Rev. Choro Antonaccio, AZC’s Tanto (head of practice), will soon be entering a three-week period of ceremonies leading to Dharma Transmission with her teacher Konjin Gaelyn Godwin Roshi, in Houston at Auspicious Cloud Temple. 
For the first week of ceremonies, Sept. 13-19, Choro will be in Austin engaging in daily ceremonies: a Jundo (offering incense and bowing at a dozen altars in and around Inconceivable Joy Temple), and Bussorai (offering incense and bowing to each of the ancestors in our lineage). 
The support of the AZC sangha is invited and requested for this auspicious occasion. In particular, Choro will require two attendants (jisha) for the daily Jundo, one to carry a bowing mat and cushion ahead of her and set them out at each altar, and another to place a small table with incense for her to use. The two attendants move with her through the circuit of altars. This should take about 20 minutes. We are scheduling this at 9.30 in the morning.
After the conclusion of this ritual, the bows to ancestors will take place, beginning at 10 am. A doan is needed to ring the big bell with each name. This ritual will take about an hour. All are invited to join Choro in these bows on any day.
If you are available and able to sign up for any slot, please email Choro directly ( Training will be provided! 
From Sept. 19-Oct. 8 Choro will be in Houston completing the process. She looks forward to returning to Austin and practicing with the AZC sangha and is deeply grateful for your support in the past, now, and in the future.