Spring Fair – Photos and Special Thanks

SpringFair 1Deep Bows to All who participated in this year’s SPRING FAIR & Buddha’s Birthday Celebration!!

Through our sangha’s joyful efforts we fed, delighted, and paraded with 50+ people and raised $500+ for AZC’s operational expenses.

Special thanks to Grandmaster Aiping Cheng for her Tai Chi demonstration & class, Alfonso Malagon & crew for their cooking, Prof. Mike Domjan for his viola performance, Rich Graf & crew for their decorations & parade organization, Toby Bernal & Onryu Shoemaker for their Kyudo demonstration, Eric Suh & crew for all the set-up & clean-up, Linda Mosley & her tea students for their Chado ceremony, the Doanryo for the Buddha’s Birthday ceremony, and to all of the members and supporters who graced us with their presence, their donations, and their appetites!

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SpringFair 2


SpringFair Parade1