Set Intentions for Fall Ango 2023

Select the particular dates/events you intend to participate in during this Practice Period. The only required attendance is the Gatherings on three Saturdays, when we will share our practice in check-ins and Way-Seeking MInd talks. You must be registered for the practice period to attend these, no drop-ins are allowed.

Be a little ambitious – find your edge – but try to make a realistic commitment. Note that you can include sitting at home, and practices such as yoga, Tai Chi, etc. Note: this is an opportunity to express your intention; please save a copy for yourself. Registration may be required for some events such as retreats. If you have questions, speak with or email

AZC is committed to making practice and the teachings available to all. Please contact Administrator Maida Barbour at 512-452-5777 or email  if event fees are a barrier to participation for you.