Retreat with Rev. Koji Acquaviva: Longing for the Ancient way: A traditional (yet body friendly) one day sesshin

Friday May 19, 6.30pm - Saturday May 20, 5pm

Sesshin is the practice of continuous zazen. Continuous zazen can help one experience the boundlessness and tranquility of a heart turned inward. We will sit together on Friday evening from 6:30pm-9pm and come together again for a day of sitting on Saturday from 6am-5pm. In this sesshin we will embrace the lǐ (禮) or ceremonial manners of the Sōtō Zen tradition such as devotional chanting, ōryōki, and strict silence. We will also take special care of our bodies by including time for movement and rest and we will never sit longer than 25 minutes at a time so that our energy stays fresh throughout sesshin. 

  • Teacher:  Rev. Koji Acquaviva
  • Date/Time: Friday May 19, 6.30pm – Saturday May 20, 5pm
  • Location:  AZC Zendo
  • Program Fees:  $55 Members / $65 Non-members

Rev. Koji Acquaviva is a Soto Zen priest and a teacher at Clouds in Water Zen Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. He began practicing Zen at the age of twenty at the San Francisco Zen Center where he was a resident and staff member for ten years. He co-founded the Mid City Zen Center in New Orleans, Louisiana and has been a regular visiting teacher at the Austin Zen Center. As a queer and neurodivergent person who trained rather traditionally, Koji makes his best effort to identify and confront the ways Buddhism is taught which re-inscribe harm for members of marginalized communities. In addition to Soto Zen, he’s studied Vedanta, Hatha Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism in residential practice centers. You can visit his website at