People of Color (POC) Gathering at AZC

Monday, September 16th from 7-9:30pm

We are inviting People of Color (POC) to gather and explore being POC and the different experiences within that umbrella term. It’s an opportunity to investigate together as individuals and collectives our relationship to race in this particular American moment, connecting over shared experiences and learning from our differences.

Many of us have conversations about race and our experiences within our own racial group, but this is a forum to come together with people who don’t all look like you but also have to navigate this world based on their proximity to whiteness. It’s an opportunity to create and deepen connections with other POCs and foster solidarity and community as People of Color.

This event is open to anyone who sees themselves as a POC and/or people who are seen by others as a POC.

Maybe you have been doing your own work around our racial identity, or maybe you know you need to and don’t know where to start. You are welcome at any point in your journey. You don’t have to be perfectly politically correct, or up-to-date on all the latest race theory. This is a space for us to learn from each other’s stories. It’s ok to say things wrong, we just ask that you are respectful of all people and experiences in the room.

The facilitators for this event are Devyn Harris and Kan Yan. Both have substantial experience as group facilitators and are committed to making this an event where everyone feels welcome and safe.