Participate in Giving Tuesday 2022

This year is AZC’s second Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is an international effort to offset the marketing and consumerism that follows Thanksgiving. Starting in 2012, Black Friday and Cyber Monday enticements to spend were countered with Giving Tuesday to for non-profits. By 2018, $400 million had been raised world-wide. Estimates for 2021 were above half a billion dollars.

Giving Tuesday kicks off AZC’s year-end fundraising campaigns. It is a way to celebrate the act of giving, to encourage the sangha to give to AZC, to practice generosity, and to deepen one’s intention of “dana” – the practice of cultivating generosity. We hope you will consider AZC if you participate in Giving Tuesday. Donations will help defray the operating costs of AZC.

Thank you for considering Giving Tuesday. And if you give to AZC, Thank You for your donation!

It is incredibly fortunate to encounter the teachings in this lifetime. Our gratitude for the opportunity to meet the dharma and have a community and teachers to practice with can be expressed in our commitment to support the temple through our practice of giving.