One-Day Meditation Retreat – CLOSED

This Retreat Is Now Closed - Join us next month for our Weekend Retreat (Nov 12-14)

This day-long meditation retreat marks the first weekend of our Fall Practice Period on the Lion’s Roar of Queen Srimala, led by our visiting teacher Rev. Kokyo Henkel. Stay tuned for details on whether this retreat will be held in-person indoors, outdoors in the side-yard, and/or online. Currently we plan to be in-person with an online option; outdoors if the weather is amenable. Indoors and masked except while sitting as long as Travis County is in Stage 4 or lower.

PLEASE NOTE: We are committed to maintaining a safe environment in which we can come together for practice, while acknowledging the risks involved in doing so. As such, we are only able to accept retreat registrations from those who have registered their vaccination proof with us, and we ask that everyone coming to AZC in-person: (1) has registered their proof of vaccination via the above link; (2) has received a confirmation email granting access to the temple; (3) has no COVID symptoms; (4) has not had contact with anyone who has tested positive within the last two weeks. Thank you for your assistance in making it possible to come together responsibly!

As always, AZC is committed to making the teachings available to everyone. To request financial assistance from our Scholarship Fund, or if you would like to donate to the Fund for others to be able to participate, please call our Administrator Maida Barbour at 512-452-5777.

About Kokyo: Kokyo “Luminous Owl” Henkel trained for 19 years in residence at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center (most recently as Tanto, or Head of Practice), Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, No Abode Hermitage in Mill Valley, and Bukkokuji Monastery in Japan. He was ordained as a Zen priest in 1994 by Tenshin Reb Anderson, receiving Dharma Transmission from him in 2010. He served as Head of Practice at Tassajara and Head Teacher of the Santa Cruz Zen Center. Kokyo has also been practicing with the Tibetan Dzogchen (“Great Perfection”) Teacher Tsoknyi Rinpoche since 2003, in California, Colorado, and Kathmandu. 

Tentative One-Day Retreat Schedule – Saturday October 16th 2021

Friday (eve):

6:00pm Oryoki Instruction (TBD, depending on Covid restrictions)

7:30 Orientation 

8:00 Zazen

8:35 Refuges


6:00am Zazen (10-min Densho)

6:35 Kinhin

6:45 Zazen

7:20 Morning Service (Servers to DR for set-up)

7:50 Breakfast (Oryoki TBD)

8:40 Break

9:15 Zazen (10-min Densho)

10:00 Dharma Talk

10:50 Kinhin (Outside)

11:10 Zazen

11:45 Noon Service (Servers to DR for set-up)

12:00 Lunch (Oryoki TBD)

12:50 Break

1:20 Work Period (meet in foyer)

2:00 End Work (meet in foyer)

2:15 Zazen (10-min Densho)

2:45 Kinhin

2:55 Zazen 

3:25 Kinhin

3:35 Zazen

4:05 Kinhin

4:15 Zazen

4:40 Closing Circle

4:55 Refuges

5:00 End Retreat